What’s this about ?

We have family and friends on both sides of the Atlantic.  To help keep in touch, we wanted to keep a regular travel log of places we had been, and things we had done, so that those who were interested could keep tabs on us.  The intent was to simply let people see the places we were, and also a bit of narrative about how we got there, where we ate, things we did and even how the weather was !

Of course, it has also been fun doing it, but for us to use it ourselves as a kind of travel journal. As I write this, I see it is now 2 years since we started this, so it’s interesting to see how it built up over that time (please see the date menu for some of the older posts).

For those who read it, we thank you for taking the time. We hope it’s in some way interesting, or might even make you smile in places.  Whatever – we are glad we did it.

Paul and Betsy – November 2019