Travel Quarantine and lead up to Christmas

Nice to be back, and we gradually got settled back in. During our quarantine, the legal requirement reduced to 10 days from 14 days which was nice. Of course, we don’t see anyone or go very far any way, so it was more psychological than real I think, in terms of benefit. But hey, it was a nice feeling.

But anyway, we had supermarket goods delivered, Christmas trees delivered, wreath delivered, Christmas gifts delivered etc etc. But it passed quickly, and I’ve were busy putting trees up, lights up etc. Etc.

Then we also got a fun thing – our bubble tent. A nice tent, with clear sides that we could see through. We added our outside furniture, a couple of heaters, plants etc., and it was fun to sit in there, particularly whilst in quarantine. Lots of fun, and more fun to come I’m sure. We also got to put up lights outside the house, which was fun, and looks good.

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