Then off to the Seychelles

The next and final leg of our trip, as we head to the Seychelles.

Possibly a little sad leaving the Kariega game reserve, but excited to see the Seychelles for the first time.  An early start, with a 6am pick up, so we had coffee and a quick bite in the lodge around 530am, and said our goodbyes to those at the lodge.

We then drove to Port Elizabeth (took about 80 odd minutes) to get our flight, firstly to Johannesburg, then on to Seychelles. We flew “Flymango” (yep) to Johannesburg along with all but one of our cases (mine of course), which as far as I know, is still in Port Elizabeth. Of course we didn’t discover this until we got to Johannesburg 😡😡😡😡

This might be where my suitcase is !!

Apart from the missing case, we really enjoyed South Africa, and we felt we had the right amount of time in each place.  The people we interacted with were very nice, kind and polite.  The only disinterested people we came across were airport workers in Johannesburg, but to be fair, airport workers in London, New York, Atlanta, Paris, Amsterdam or wherever aren’t dissimilar. The country is worth the visit, no question.  We checked the security and safety question several times before going, but realistically,    I don’t recall a moment feeling unsafe and, we generally behaved as we would in any large city – with caution, not flashing cash, not acting ‘touristy’, not walking out in isolated places etc..  same as we do in London, New York, even Tampa. It wouldn’t influence my decision to go there at all.

After a quick airport shopping dash to buy a few clothes, we took our Air Seychelles flight into Mahe.  Flight was fine, and we even arrived a bit early.  Even enjoyed the unplanned entertainment, with the couple in front (who looked like business associates or similar when we boarded), get slowly more friendly with each other (booze related I sense 😊). Sort of glad we landed when we did !

Transfers went fine, and we were then checked in to our fantastic room at the Four Seasons resort.

What a great resort.  Started some exploring the next day (we were tired from a bit of traveling and the baggage hassle).  The size of the property is huge, but everyone is in like sort of bungalows, so I don’t think there are THAT many rooms. Little golf carts take you around the property which is fun.

Staff are very charming, and very welcoming everywhere.  We also met our rep Gary, and booked a couple of excursions with him which will be fun.

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