We are staying at the Huka Lodge, just a mile or two away from the town of Taupo, which is right on the huge lake Taupo.

This is obviously, hunting, shooting, fishing territory, but things really are spectacular. This hotel certainly is.  It’s very high quality, but without being pretentious (e.g. We turned up last night after a day in the car and ferry, wearing jeans and looking like we’d had a day in the car and ferry, and they treated us like long lost family).  The Queen and Price Philip have stayed here, as well as the Dutch royal family (their photos are in the hallway entrance area), and you can see why.  Nothing is too much for them.  A really great experience.

We walked the brief walk down to the main lodge this morning, and got a couple of coffees.  Then set off to see the Huka Falls (which are smaller, but more spectacular than I imagined) and into Taupo for a light lunch and a look around.  Nice place. Headed back then, and took a walk around the beautiful gardens, and fed the ducks. Betsy decided it might be fun to open the doors and feed the ducks in the bedroom, but that was sort of short lived once I said I liked them with orange sauce .

Our room on the riverbank
Few steps from our room. Just beautiful.

The Lodge is right on the river which leads to the falls.  As you walk through the grounds, you can start to hear the falls as they are very close.

Amazing water colour at the falls

Great weather today which is nice.  We headed into Taupo, and found a place to eat lunch down by the lake. Lots going on down there. Some sort of golf challenge going on where you had to drive a golf ball onto a small floating island on the lake.  Smiled at a little boy getting it a good 3 yards out 😂😂😂

A big lake for sure

We then headed back to the lodge and had a stroll around the grounds.  Betsy, who is now making bird-friends everywhere, found some new duck friends too !

Entrance to our room

Betsy’s new best friend above 😂

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