Short Trip to France

We did a short trip over to Calais, and a short drive down to Boulougne-sur-mer.  It was fun.  Quick run through the channel tunnel with the car (I love that you can get an earlier train if you get there a little early), bit of shopping, then down to Boulougne.

The place we stayed at was fantastic.  It was called Relais de St Jacques and was in the old town.  Probably a bed and breakfast really, but it was just great.  Well renovated to keep its very old fashioned charm, friendly welcome and well located. And for about €100 I thought it wasn’t badly priced.

A short walk down to the local restaurants (thank goodness as I’d tweaked my ankle somehow)., where we enjoyed a nice dinner.  Betsy had bass and I had a great spicy shrimp dish.  Very nice, and again friendly helpful people.

i enjoyed it.  Would definitely return.

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