Sept – 2021: Sanibel

Not sure we were contemplating this so relatively close to the last visit, but we decided that as we had never before used the Shell Island condo, we would do it this year. Took a little planning, what with dogs etc., but sure enough we bit the bullet and flew off into the sunset (well Florida anyway).

Elected to try the Windsor Suite at Heathrow this time, to minimise our exposure to those in the airport – still we learn about Covid every day it seems. It was a good experience going through there. It’s eye wateringly expensive, but a very good experience, where they walk you to the plane being dropped off at the bottom steps. We then flew into Miami, had something of a lengthy layover, then we’re on our way into Tampa. Arrived during a nice sunset.

Went to the house for a night or two, before packing up the car and heading down to Sanibel. Stopped briefly at Linda’s on the way down, and got there mid afternoon. Check in was simple, and we did a little supermarket shopping to supplement stuff we had already bought.

We spent the next several days doing fairly typical ‘Sanibel’ stuff. Walking down the beach to the pier, eating at Doc Ford’s, shopping at Bailey’s and Jerry’s lazing around the pool, and finally headed into Captiva for lunch at the Bubble Room.

We hadn’t been to the Bubble Room for some time, and little has really changed. The lunch menu is different to the dinner menu (thank goodness) but it’s still good food.

We were only there for the week, so then headed back to Palm Harbor. Got to see Claire down there, got our Covid tests done, and were soon ready for our return flights via Miami again (but with AA this time all the way through).

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