Off to the US

After several weeks of watching the coronavirus rates worsening in Florida, eventually they started to decline again.  We then started to consider a trip back over, to see what kind of state our house was in 😊😊😊 after several months without being there.

A few phone calls to people I knew, and the result was finding a private jet operator who was flying an aircraft empty to Boston, and asked us if we would like to use it for a reasonable fare.  Of course ! 😂😂  He organised a connecting flight for us then, down to St. Petersburg/Clearwater, thus allowing us to keep away from the major airports through the whole journey (I was keen to avoid New York and Miami in particular due to Covid), although some US airports (such as Tampa) remained closed for international traffic.

Off we went to Farnborough one morning, to pick up our flight. (Note added after: August 12 when we left).

D-BAHB was a Falcon 2000 LX, seen here as we waited for it inside the Signature terminal at Farnborough.

After coffee then some brief security measures, we headed out and boarded the aircraft.  What a pleasure. Although the total flight wasn’t too long at 6 hours plus, it was just a pleasure in so many ways, because we had the plane to ourselves, plus it was just very luxurious.

Bed made up ready here !

Nice breakfast was served, chats with the crew, bite to eat for lunch, lay down on the bed etc. , and then as quickly as it started, it was over again ! All in all a very nice experience.  We landed early at Boston, and then cleared customs and immigration (oh and had our temperature checked).  Actually, the immigration officers seemed pleased to see us (I’m guessing they were bored) and were very nice, which generally made a good impression after entering through the likes of JFK, Washington, Atlanta, Miami etc in the past.  We were then taken back to the terminal where we waited a little for our next connecting flight (wasn’t too long), so got to have a coffee or two in the lounge.

As we boarded our next plane (short walk across the tarmac)  we noticed our original was parked right next door to us –

Next flight to St. Petersburg was a Challenger 300 N-525FX.  Nice plane.  We were both pretty tired, but managed to load up on sufficient chocolate that was on board, to keep energy levels going 😂😂😂😂

Due to our earlier than planned arrival in Boston, we had an earlier than planned departure.  But that was no issue for us.

Arrived at St. Petes/Clearwater

Very tired, but happy to get to St. Petersburg.  Couple of minutes wait for the pick up, but soon we were back home. Finally after 5 months.  Actually it wasn’t bad, I suppose as it had been cleaned regularly, and  our neighbour Jim had been looking after it well for us.


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