More in April 2021

The rest of April saw us sort of ……getting into our rhythm with the puppies, but also figuring out we could actually get out of the house from time to time.

The theatre industry figured out a smart drive-in theatre arrangement during indoor Covid restrictions, whereby you drove into this huge car parking area in front of a stage, and they performed show tunes on the stage. You tuned your car radio into the station that amplified the music into your cars. It really was very good, plus you could order food that was delivered to your car. I really wish I had some video that would do it justice, but it was very good. A bit of a drive for us up to North London, but the pleasure of getting out and enjoying a live performance was worth it. We loved watching the crowd too. We went to two separate shows, so we must have enjoyed it – particularly as a young man was there both times and we saw him on the big screen, dancing away, having the time of his life.

Of course, we took some puppy photos too 😂😂😂

We also discovered that a local fox loved that we put leftovers out for the birds. He’s now known as “Freddie “ when we say things like “shall we save that for Freddie”. He visits as often as he can (I assume it’s a ‘he’ put I frankly have no idea !).

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