Last Day in Singapore

Our last day today, before we head off to Adelaide for the next stage of our trip.  We finally began to get our jet lag sorted out, of course on the day we leave, but again this was always intended as our stopover on the way to Australia.

The weather was pretty good again, so after breakfast we headed down to the pool area.  It’s a nice pool, attentive staff, clean, lots of beds in the area and, although we didn’t use it, pool area food and drink service which is nice.

We relaxed down by the pool for a while, bit of reading etc.. Then, as it started to get pretty hot, we decided to head inside for a while to cool off 😎😎😎😎😎

This evening we fly to Adelaide.  We probably didn’t do several of the things we had intended to do when we got here, but I’ve still enjoyed it, and it’s been pretty relaxing. Our “itinerary” from the local tour people never turned up 😂😂 (not sure why we needed it anyway, but these guys all want you to buy local tours through them anyway), which is sort of amusing as it was mentioned twice to us, by two different people.

Our flight is on Singapore Airlines which is nice, but it’s on the new Airbus A350 which I’ve not flown on yet, so that’ll be interesting.

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