Last day in Bora Bora

Nice day yesterday, and today is our final day.  We’ve enjoyed it.  Slow start for us after New Zealand, but we’ve really enjoyed it, with the snorkeling one of the real highlights of the visit.

We had a fairly relaxed day yesterday, bit of sun, bit of sea, bit of beach, bit of pool, and a nice dinner outside watching the sun go down.  Can’t believe we have been here for a week + already.

View on the walk to breakfast
There are times it doesn’t look real

Applying for a travel brochure photographer next 😃

We finally succumbed and went to ‘the restaurant ‘ for our last evening meal.  We love to eat outside, so this was great, getting to watch the sun go down.  We had to leave earlier than planned as there was a wedding going on at the small sland on the resort, and Betsy had to dash down in case she got invited ! Joking aside, it looked pretty spectacular as they had lined the beach with palms and hibiscus 🌺 flowers.  No photos I’m afraid.

Food was good.  Our last night, so we figured it was worth it.  Nice table, nice restaurant, good service.

Amazing sunsets from our dinner table

Nice evening
Betsy had the ‘Deconstructed Black Forest Gateaux’
I had what looks like a tennis ball

We included our latest ‘selfie’ above.  Had some stick about some of our selfies (you know who you are), but we’ve had fun trying to figure them out.

Tonight we head for Los Angeles.  We take the launch from our resort to the airport on Bora Bora.  Fly then to Papeete. We have our longest layover yet at almost 4 hours, so we will need to figure out what to do whilst we are there.  We then fly Air Tahiti Nui to Los Angeles.  It’ll be fun, and it’s only a 3 hour time difference from where we are.

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