July 2021 – Off to the US again

So, it happened to be on July 30th (I remember it because it is my Dads birthday), that we left. Because they were so young, we elected to have house sitters come and stay to look after the two dogs. At this time, we still had travel quarantine requirements, so you sort of have to add that on to the time you need to be away. We ultimately would be gone best part of a month, and had two different sitters.

Anyway, we left from Farnborough that morning, and I finally got hold of my Dad to wish him happy birthday whilst we were taxiing 😊.

Nice flight over, and the food was amazing.

Betsy was thrilled on arrival, as the immigration officer remembered her ! Supermarket home delivery from Publix and we were all good to go !

It usually takes us a day or two to settle back in to the house, get the rooms straight, go through the post, water the plants, etc etc, so the quarantine wasn’t really a disaster.

After quarantine, we headed off to Alabama. We ended up going two consecutive weekends to allow us to see Betsy’s mother, sister Jeanie, and her son Jake, all of whom are spread out. We rented a townhouse both weekends. We had stayed there before, and like it’s location. We got to see Jeanie and Doug’s house, Betsy’s mother a couple of times, as well cousin Beth and her husband Chris.

Nothing major in between the weekends, except sort of taking care of things (getting the trees tidied up at the house, Betsy renewing her driving licence etc.). Oh and a little bit of camera use 😂😂

The second weekend, we drove to Perry in Northern Florida. It was en route to Birmingham We drove up to stay at a Holiday Inn express there, which actually was pretty good. It was a good location, being 3/4 hours drive, so certainly broke the journey a bit.

Described on their website as “affordable”

We got to visit Betsy’s mother again, her Dads grave, saw Jake and family, and also got to see Uncle Bobby in Montevallo which was a particularly important pleasure. Breaking the journey on the way back, we got to spend the night at a Hampton Inn, in the city of Panama City which is in the Northern Florida panhandle. Betsy had spent many breaks in Panama City over her childhood years, so enjoyed going back.

The next day, we set off back to Palm Harbor, taking the ‘scenic route’ across the bottom of the Florida Panhandle, through exciting places like Sopchoppy and similar 😊. Interesting to a degree (if you like that kind of thing 🤔) seeing the areas that had been flattened or otherwise damaged by a hurricane that passed through a couple of years before. Heavy rain at times on the journey back, with our phones bleeping out alerts at regular intervals.

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