Jan 2022 – Maldives

We were ready for something fun, and decided to head off to the Maldives. It was relatively late in its planning (we finally booked just before we went to the Lake District), but we decided to make a dash for it , just in case some Covid restriction or other meant we couldn’t go. Fortunately, it all worked in our favour.

So, pick up using Emirates chauffeur service one evening, and off we went to Heathrow. Traffic was great, and we got there in good time. Checked in with our massive file of Covid paperwork (pcr test, Vaccination record, Maldives immigration passenger form and god knows what else), and headed to the lounge for some dinner. Nice that you can board the flight directly from the Emirates lounge, and we soon enough got boarded, and were on our way to Dubai.

Met off the flight by Emirates ground staff, and transferred into the lounge, ready for our onward flight to Male. Bit of breakfast in the lounge (it was an overnight flight) and soon we were off again. All went well, including being first in line at the passport desk 😊 on arrival.

Met and transferred by speedboat to our resort – Baros Maldives – around 25 minutes on our boat.

We had a very nice week at the resort. Nice room with our own pool, and great food, where we enjoyed different restaurants at the resort. We went twice to the Lighthouse restaurant, which was ‘fine dining’ (and also got to watch smallish sharks swimming around the lights), and twice to the teppanyaki restaurant, where we enjoyed our chef from Sri Lanka who told us a lot about the cooking.

With the exception of one day, when we had room service, we enjoyed a sort of buffet breakfast by the pool. Some days we skipped lunch, but mostly had dinner. Sometimes we had drinks in the bar amongst the palm trees (Sails Bar).

We enjoyed relaxing, reading by, or in the pool, and Betsy got to use the spa. One day of note we went out to see the dolphins, which was sort of a highlight. Was about 2 hours on our boat.

We enjoyed getting into warm weather. Also fun snorkelling, swimming, walking around the island (it was very quick), but as I’d said, seeing the dolphins was a real highlight. However, seeing a turtle swimming in the wild was amazing, plus seeing the sharks again.

Finally, our time came to an end and, after a wave off from the hotel staff, we set off doing our journey in reverse again, but this time primarily a day time flight.

Of course, the week wouldn’t have been complete if I hadn’t got to take photos with my camera. The zoom is amazing, capturing boats that appeared to be almost on the horizon, and people walking on the islands in the distance.

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