Emporio and Perissa Beach

Fun day out in the car.  Just kind of ‘guessed’ our way, and to start with ended up.  The cute little village of Emporio.  Really cute with lots of little alleyways and walkways, and sort of dominated by a church at the top.  We stopped for a while and had a coffee, browsed the shops, strolled around the alley ways (wheezed our way around the steepest).  Nice little place.

We have no idea who the lady is above, but Betsy wanted a picture of the donkeys that were walking by and we needed to be quick !

It was a cute place, and sort of what my head imagines a typical Greek island village to look like (well ok, maybe not the souvenir shops, but you know what I mean).

Carried on driving, and finally ended up in Perissa at the beach.  As everywhere, the sand is volcanic grey, but it was sort of fun down there.  We parked up and had a walk around.  Finally stopping for lunch at a little place on the beach.  To be fair, everyone was very nice, and not the ‘beach-pushy’ types you can encounter maybe in other places.

Tiny little spec of white on the mountain on the right is a tiny church ! Tough walk to go to church I’m thinking !

Back to the hotel for a while.  Quick drink, recharge the batteries etc.

Then off out again for dinner to a little beach taverna we found.

We sat watching the boats heading out for the sunset tours – counted 30+ in the end, so it’s apparently popular right ?

We enjoyed a nice pasta with fish dinner, before heading back in the gradually reducing light at the end of the evening.

We return the rental car tomorrow morning, so it’s a relaxing day for us, lazing around the hotel.

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