Edinburgh to Newcastle

We left Edinburgh, and headed off down the A1 first headed for Berwick Upon Tweed, and then into Bamburgh, where we got to see the beautiful Bamburgh Castle. What a surprise – I confess that I’d never heard of it, but it was beautiful and in a very cute little town. Worth a proper visit some day I think.

We continued on down to Newcastle where we spent the night. Actually, I enjoyed the drive down, as there was a lot of coastal road type driving, and the scenery was good.

Nice dinner (actually we stayed in Gateshead, at the Hilton, along with the Chelsea football team)  in an Asian style restaurant that looked out of the Tyne, not too far a walk from our hotel. Smiled at some of the party-goers heading out for the evening !

Today headed out over the Tyne Bridge up to Whitley Bay, and Tynemouth (which we liked) had a nice bite to eat over the Bay Area, then headed back into the City.  Enjoyable stay.  Next stop – York.



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