Day in Sydney

Of course, we only got to look out of our hotel window last night, so it was dark.  Turned out we had a pretty decent view.

We had a nice day in Sydney, mainly spent wandering around the Harbour area.

Breakfast in the hotel, then off we walked.  It was enjoyable, mainly because of the scenery, but because the troubled weather we started with had picked up a lot and it was nice and sunny.

A giant cruise ship was in port, so dominates part of the view, but still pretty spectacular, I suppose more so as the ship is there as well.

Strolled down to The Rocks (as it’s named), wandered down by the cruise ship, past where the various ferries leave from, along the quay up towards the Opera House.  We enjoyed our favourite pastime of people watching !

Stopped and had a coffee at the waters edge where we saw a wild parrot (later joined by his mate) working a sugar packet from the cafe 😂

Gentle stroll back via the shops for the obligatory shopping before returning to the hotel for a while.  Then off again strolling around the other end of The Rocks, up close to the cruise ship, the Harbour Bridge, and a stop off at our favourite little pub.

Early bite to eat and off to bed, as we head to Vietnam in the morning !

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