Day in Perth

Nice day today.  Started with getting up late, but then we went and had lunch at a place down by the waterside. The weather is just fantastic, warm enough to enjoy sitting and eating outside, but not so warm you can’t.  The City seems really nice, with people friendly and helpful.

We then took a boat ferry ride down to Fremantle.  It was really nice, and so so many sailing boats out on the water. Seems the Americas Cup has its influence here !

Had a walk around Fremantle and a drink in a good old Aussie pub, then took a train back to Perth. It was about 45/50 mins on the ferry, and probably 30 odd mins coming back on the train.  Good fun.

Heading for lunch

On the ferry ride:

Big day tomorrow when we set off on our trans-Australia train journey the Indian-Pacific.

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