August 2021 – off to Washington

Stefan and Katie got married later in August, and we flew up to attend. It’s a long way to go from Florida, and took quite some planning, but I’m glad we were able to make it.

The day of the journey started at a somewhat reasonable time for us, with a 900am ish flight out of St Petersburg airport, heading up to Boeing Field, Seattle. Had a nice lunch on the plane, and saw some amazing sights as we came into Seattle.

Little bit of a layover at Boeing Field, as we waited for our charter connection on San Juan airlines, onwards to Roche Harbor. Time for a coffee or three, a few photos, then after an hour +, our little Cessna arrived to take us onwards. Saw more great scenes from such a great viewpoint.

Made it in good time to Roche Harbor, where Linda, Stefan and Gregg came to meet us at the ‘airport’. We went to our hotel, checked in, got a coffee, and after a brief wait, our room was ready. Before long, we were off to the rehearsal dinner. I enjoyed seeing Pieter again, as well as Stefan and Katie of course. With a 3 hour time difference to Florida, and travelling all day, it was time for an early night.

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