And on we go.

After leaving Toronto 11 hours late, we were slipping further and further behind, looking like we would hit Winnipeg (approx half way) in the middle of the night, rather than lunchtime as originally scheduled.

The freight trains did a couple of things – first they get priority on the tracks, but secondly, they kept breaking down due to the extreme cold weather.

interesting in the morning when we opened the blinds, that ice forms on the INSIDE of the window, due to the blind insulating the glass (and the room).  We had stopped in Winnipeg during the evening, but we were sound asleep as it was pretty late. We had wanted to see it, but hey-ho.

Our first (next) stop was in Melville I believe.  That’s where we see the long shadows in our photos, as it was morning sun.  W tried where possible, to get off at the stops, even if it was just for 5 minutes.  Fun to say we had at least been there, even if it was freezing.

The amazing scenes continued.  To be honest, a continuing theme all the way to Vancouver.

We then continued our journey into Saskatchewan province.  It gradually got colder.  Finally, we got to Saskatoon which may have been the coldest place I’ve ever been to ! It was -26f/-32c but -32f/-36c adjusted for the wind chill. Betsy loved it of course.

If we look cold in the photos. We were. I honestly thought thermal underwear was for sad people.  Not now.


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