Alabama Bound

Armed with mother-of-the-bride dress, hat, shoes, handbag, rehearsal dinner dress, shoes, handbag, make-up and Betsy, we started off on the way to Alabama. First stop along the way was Gainesville where we had a coffee and chat with Claire and Matthew, before we continued our journey.

The journey took us up through south and central Georgia, crossing into Alabama near Columbus, so something of a different route for a change. We got to Pursell Farms in good time, and got a bit to eat before heading back to our room.

Next day, we took a trip up to Birmingham, going to see Betsy’s mother as well as some important sights.

We got to see Betsy’s mother through the window again, but I suppose you can only do what you can do during these times. Considering our home is 4,000 miles away, it’s something to ‘bank’ at least.

Next stop was the Cheesecake Factory, where we met Claire and her bridesmaids for dinner, which was fun (albeit slightly strange for me as the only guy there ! But I still enjoyed chatting to them all).

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