Our first time back here since the move to Dublin. It’s really nice to be back.

Had a nice dinner with friends last night at a restaurant called The Duchess.  It looked like an old banking hall.  Picture of the recommended ‘chocolate explosion’ shown just below.

Strolling around today.  It’s been nice. Cold, but nice.  Back to Dublin this afternoon. 

Getting ready

Heading to Amsterdam tomorrow just for one night.  Kind of looking forward to it.  It’ll be looking nice as it’s in the run up to Christmas.

Get to see some friends which will be nice.  Must try to remember to take some photos to post.

Last night

Dinner at the home of Eimear and Marcus.  Regretfully no photos, but we had a good time and enjoyed our evening.  Eimear kindly invited Brian, Gary and Jan-Willem along too, so it was a really nice evening – great food, and what a beautiful place they have !

So, the exit edges ever nearer.  Today is Friday 24th – my final day is 3 weeks today !  Plus, I just got paid.  One more payday left !!!!