June 2021

After our fun trip to the Lake District, it was time to get back and enjoy being back at home in Horsham. Chance to get some pics of our rapidly growing dogs, plus some of the wildlife that visited us. Some, as can be seen, ‘not so wild’.

June 2021 – The Lake District

So, dog owners for 2 months now, lockdown mostly over, need to get out: HIGH. Off we went to the Lake District.

We booked an awesome dog friendly house for a week. Right on the top end of Ullswater, in a teeny little place called Howtown. Packed the car up with 3 times more stuff than we actually needed, got an early morning supermarket delivery that went straight into the car, and off we went for a week.

Again, our 2 little fellas were extremely well behaved in the car (not so when we stopped at a services, they saw another dog and almost lost their minds 😂😂), and I’m glad that trend has continued right up to the time of writing. That, despite a rather tedious journey (traffic everywhere, I think it was the end of half term).

Of course, I also had to take my camera with me, so time for some close up shots.

The weather was amazingly good for us. The first weekend we were there it was pretty busy, but once we got past the weekend, it was…….let’s say “less busy”? We got out and about a reasonable amount, got to walk the dogs (still at the age where 10/15 minutes walk and they were exhausted), and enjoyed the weather.

We took one or two trips out whilst the dogs where sleeping. Went to Beatrix Potters House (I had never been), drove around a lot, stopping for coffee in Coniston, driving by Derwent, Wastwater, Thirlmere, Tarn Hows and several others I can’t honestly remember.

Beatrix Potters house was small and quick, but sort of good to say you’ve been there type of thing. Had a coffee in the gardens whilst we waited, as they were controlling numbers going into the house (it’s small, plus Covid).

We enjoyed watching the Ullswater steamers pulling in and out of the little Howtown jetty close to our house there. Also, we got an amazing view, several times watching a sheep farmer and his dog, shepherding sheep into the back of a trailer. Just amazing to watch.

House was great, as there was a boot room/dog room with low level doors where we could keep the dogs safely. Certainly was a bit of piece of mind for us ! Views were amazing too.

Some more photos follow, from our various drives out, through Ambleside, into Penrith, Keswick, Cockermouth, Troutbeck and similar. Also, picture of Betsy with Mr McGregor (I think that was his name) as we came out of the Beatrix Potter house.

There was also a cute little church just up and over the hill from where we were staying.
Some of the photos of the sheep were taken from inside the kitchen at the house, poor little puppies went nuts when they’d see them 😂😂

The journey back was much quicker (traffic wise) which was a relief, but still our two little guys were really well behaved in the back of the car all the way back.

May 2021 – Blenheim Palace

As we got more confident with the dogs, understanding their sleeping patterns etc., and understanding how best to get by in their Covid world we live in, we slowly starting getting out more. Next step was a visit to Blenheim Palace. I hadn’t been inside since the early 2000’s some time, and even then it was limited, so I had always wanted to go back. I knew Betsy would enjoy it too.

We parked the car, and walked over to the Palace itself, watching enviously at those people walking their well behaved dogs in the grounds 😂😂😂😂. Nice and easy to get in (tickets booked online in advance) and I’m glad we went. I’d recommend it to people who have time to head out in Oxford direction.

It’s a really nice day out, and I particularly enjoyed an exhibit/exhibition they had about Winston Churchill. Food was good, little bit of shopping, but of course a walk around the rooms inside that were opened to the public. Betsy and I love that kind of thing, and we are alike in that we both enjoy it, but can’t stand for 2 hours looking at a painting or something. ‘Look, like and leave’. We appreciate it, but then move on 😊😊