Windsor Castle

We booked our tickets in advance, then left for a drive over to Windsor. Doesn’t take too long, but I sort of knew we would need to figure out where to park.  Wasn’t too painful, but soon we were walking up Peascod Street, towards the castle.  I hadn’t been inside the castle since I was a kid, so this was going to be fun.

Entry and check in was sort of straightforward, considering these Covid times we are in.  Soon we were inside.  We declined the headsets (mainly for Covid reasons as I didn’t want to walk around with something on my head another person had been wearing).  Off we walked.

St. George’s chapel was our first stop.  I’m glad we went in, as I had never been before. Interesting to see the tomb stones of Henry VIII and wife inside as well as so many others.  You’re not allowed to take photos inside the castle buildings, but I can remember enough. Nice to see the altar and the seats where the choir sit, which reminded me of weddings I’ve seen on tv (or am I thinking of Westminster Abbey ?😂😂).

This entrance near the road that runs around the front of the castle in the main part of Windsor, where I had taken and then seen the photos of different members of the Box family when they visited back in the 70s/early 80s.

We then did a bit of gift shop shopping, then into the State Rooms.  Very impressive walking around, looking at gifts the Queen had been given over the years, lots of china, and other meeting and reception rooms. Beautiful day, with beautiful views over Eton etc from the ramparts we stood on.

Watched a few guards march past us as we edged our way out after our visit, which is pretty colourful.

The Royal Standard flying, indicating the Queen in residence.


We enjoyed our time in the Castle.  Worth the visit in my opinion.

Had a bite to eat at a small restaurant just outside the Castle, then strolled back down dodging the socially-distanced-challenged pedestrians, to pick up our car to head home. 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️