And into 2020 !

Quiet New Years Eve for us at the Storrs Hotel, as we decided against the gala dinner.

Nice breakfast for us the next morning at the hotel, and off we went  (early for us) up to Grasmere.  Had a walk around the shops and also took a look at the Wordsworth family graves are in the churchyard.  Kind of unassuming when you think about how well known he is today – sort of tucked around the back, with the various other family members.

It was nice that so few people were around as it was New Years Day.  Still irks me that you have to pay for parking almost everywhere, but I’m entitled to grumble now and again 😂😂😂☺️☺️

We then headed off over to Coniston which is nice.  Took a diversion right down to the waters edge and had a bite to eat in the ‘Bluebird Cafe’ which had some Donald Campbell photos and things in it, although sadly not many – I’m sure he deserved more. For the avoidance of doubt, Lake Coniston was where Campbell died attempting the water speed record.


Headed on then through to see the beautiful Tarn Hows before heading over to the Beatrix Potter house at Near Sawrey – closed as it was New Year’s Day, but we knew before and that was ok.

Interesting road sign down by Beatrix Potter’s house !

Back again across Windermere on the ferry (I guess it’s sort of cheap entertainment at £5 !) and back to our hotel for a rest then evening meal.  I will say that the service and food were very good at the hotel !