Update – October 2018

So, lots happened over the last few weeks:

We flew back over to Tampa mid September, and my Dad and Pam visited.  Then Linda my sister came over briefly with Stefan and Katie.

The next morning we drove up to Alabama.  It’s a fairly long drive at 550/560 or so miles, but we got there mid afternoon. Saw Betsy’s friend Becky, then went to Colombia Cottages to see Betsy’s mum.  Saw Claire and Matthew, saw Claire’s office at her new job, saw Jeannie, Chelsea and the two girls.

Drove back to Tampa, headed to Sanibel, had Mark and Surena come to stay, saw Jake seperately, saw Linda’s house etc, etc, etc.

Above are a few randomly selected photos of our 4 weeks away.  Photos of the plants ? We had just re-potted some and wanted to see if they changed much ☺️