Visited Sandringham with my Dad and Pam. It’s relatively close to where they live.

Drove past the old Norfolk home of Princess Diana on the way, and saw the old railway station where the royal family used to arrive by train.

We didn’t have time for a tour of the house, but enjoyed being there, the grounds, and a quick snack before the inevitable gift shop visit. We would like to return.


Then onto Norfolk

Drove from York down to Norfolk to stay with my Dad and Pam. The drive took us down through parts of Sherwood Forest, so we stopped at the Sherwood Forest visitor center to take a look. It’s actually well worth the visit, we enjoyed it.

Also stopped and saw where my Mum lived in King’s Lynn. I’m not certain if she was born there (I had a feeling not) but she certainly had many of her young years there, and I remember visiting as a child.

Day in York

  We had a good day in York. Started off with an open top bus ride, which took about an hour. It really was a good way to see the City, and the on board commentary was fairly good too. Saw some great sight, including several parts of the wall around the City, Dick Turpin’s grave and the main old railway station to name but a few. Very pleasant city, and I’m glad we went.

Had a nice lunch in a little Bistro type place, then that evening went to see Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing at a great pop-up theatre. It really was a good production, with no microphones or anything for the cast, and the essence of “how it might have been done”. Photos weren’t allowed, but we will remember it !