Just the start

Feels good to be in the sunshine.  This is an amazing resort- Jumeirah Beach Hotel.

Just sort of catching up on sleep and acclimatising.  Bite to eat, walk around etc.. Hotel due to be renovated this June we were told – surprised it needs it to be honest.

Some serious boats in this marina.  Couldn’t begin to add up the value of all of them !

Arrived in Dubai

Decent flight, arrived a little early and, I have to say, Dubai airport works.  It’s pretty quick through immigration, and then the luggage was on the belt when we got through.

Then it was nice to get into some warmer weather.  It’s probably a good time of year to be here before it gets too hot.  Quick bite to eat for breakfast (amazing you can eat when your body clock thinks it’s 5/6am right ?), then off to our room which was ready. Just a gorgeous day – but nap time first.  Here’s the view:

I hope it stays like this (so clear), as we have a helicopter ride booked tomorrow, which will be a fun experience.


And We’re Off

Arrived at Heathrow early. Super fast check-in at Virgin for our flight to Dubai.  We get there early tomorrow morning.

Right now, getting a bite to eat in the Virgin Clubhouse lounge, which is very nice – Chicken Tikka for me and, for our good American girl, – cheeseburger for Betsy (I think she’s worried she may never ever get another cheeseburger).

Flight says it’s on time.  We will see, but that could be a good start 😉

Whilst we wouldn’t claim to be ‘Emirates Experts’or ‘Dab Hands in Dubai’, this first part is a reasonably well-trodden path for us.  The next leg to India will be interesting.  But, first thing’s first, let’s enjoy Dubai.