Weather not co-operative

We had originally planned and booked a helicopter flight to the Fox Glacier.  Regretfully, the weather didn’t want to co-operate and we were not able to go.  We ended up driving around locally, as well as the township of Franz Josef, the home to another Glacier visiting mecca, but weather was even less co-operative there.  Still, we had fun, and ended up in our chosen saloon for dinner again.

We had hoped to go this morning, but that wasn’t to be, and we had to leave.  Of course, now the weather is fantastic again !!

Interesting spray coming off this river that leads to the Fox Glacier

Despite the bad weather, there were still scores of cyclists willing to take on the steep winding roads through the mountains, as well as the terrible conditions.  Good for them I say 😎😎😎😎😎

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