We moved on to Bora Bora

Strange day in that we left Auckland on Wednesday morning, and arrived in Papeete Tahiti on Tuesday afternoon the day before.  Crossing the date line on a relatively quick (4hrs 35mins) flight was the cause.

Anyway, we had an early call to get us up in Auckland.  We hadn’t booked it, but the waste/refuse department chose to collect at 330am from outside 😖😖😖😖

Oh well, we managed to get back to sleep, and our pick up arrived to take us to Auckland airport.  Traffic that morning is about the only negative thing I had to say about our entire two weeks in New Zealand, so it sort of puts it into perspective I think 😌

Auckland airport was fairly straightforward to get through.  We sat in the Air New Zealand lounge for a quick bite to eat before we left, then boarded.  Decent service from Air New Zealand I have to say, and the flight was fine, even landing a few minutes ahead of schedule. Interesting to see the different airlines that come and go from Auckland (for an aircraft/airline nerd like me it was anyway).

Waiting at Auckland airport, with the ocean in the background.

On arrival, we came off down steps, and made straight for immigration (I was told it can take 40 minutes to one hour getting through, but we were very quick). No visa or passport stamp for EU citizens (that’ll change for me some time I guess !!).  Picked up our luggage fairly quickly and went through, where we were met by our agent – gave us flower leis but I think Betsy thought he was trying to sell us something and declined hers (regretting it about 90 seconds later). Good service to be fair.  He gave us our internal tickets (I think they are cheaper if an agent buys them locally), and escorted us over to the domestic desk for us to check in for our flight to Bora Bora.

Once we went through security again, we had about an hour to kill before we were due to board our flight, so we went to get a drink and a snack.  At that point, I realized that English isn’t necessarily the first language here, but French is preferred. They all speak reasonable English, but French appears to be a preference.

The domestic ‘terminal’ at Papeete airport 😌

Flight was a small ATR72 turboprop with Air Tahiti across to Bora Bora.  A small hop, but the wonderful ‘free seating’ that can create a tarmac stampede at times.  Fortunately our flight wasn’t too full, and I’m usually pretty good (as a former rugby player) at getting the seats I want. Unfortunately, it was just getting dusk, ready to go dark, so we didn’t get to see as much as we would have liked en route.

We landed in Bora Bora where the airport itself is on a small island.  You pick your luggage up in a small covered area where the tractor brings it over on trailers, and the baggage handlers lift it straight onto the racks in front of you.  Our hotel met us on arrival, collected our luggage, and put it onto the launch that would take us to the hotel.  All the launches are literally a handful of paces from baggage claim ! That was about a 15/20 minute boat ride.  In the dark, but nonetheless it was a fun experience.

Taken straight to our room where the check in was done and here we are.  We were tired after a long day traveling, so opted for the room service dinner and a somewhat early night.  💤💤💤💤💤💤

The next day was spent with us figuring out our way around the resort, and dodging tropical rainstorms !!

The scenery here is spectacular.  The weather in reality has been highly mixed.  We’ve enjoyed some good weather, but boy, when it rains, it really rains. The sun has been hot when it comes down 😎😎😎😎

Just spectacular backdrop to where we are staying
Betsy looking like she didn’t really like those flower Leis after all
Where we arrived at our hotel

Today we had some lunch, did a little shopping, then went snorkeling in the lagoon which was fun – such clear water, and plenty of fish.  I’m sure we will do more.  Tomorrow we start with a tour we arranged.  We also booked some other stuff, so more on that to come. In the meantime, a few more photos around the Four Seasons over the last couple of days –

Pretty spectacular all around.  People here are very nice too.  Nice resort.


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