Visiting some Los Angeles sights

Went out today.  We started down by the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and went to see some of the stars.  Saw the Chinese Theatre and the Dolby Theatre (were the academy awards are done).  Headed off to the Hollywood reservoir for a few photos, then finally down to Santa Monica. It was a good day, and we were pleasantly surprised by some aspects of the city.  Our driver/guide was very good too.

The Hollywood Walk of Fame was fun.  Touristy, but fun.  Lots of people selling all kinds of junk, and guys dressed up as Spider-Man, Superman, Edward Scissor-Hands and such like. We didn’t spend a long long time, but had fun.  Just a few photos above, but of course we saw a lot lot more.

We were glad we went to Santa Monica.  Lots of people there, and all seemingly heading to the pier.  Having said that, there were a surprising number of homeless people sitting out there.  I guess it’s a good place for them, but it just was surprising the numbers of them.

We had lunch at a restaurant called ‘The Penthouse’ , which was on the top floor of the Huntley Hotel.  It’s worth a visit.  Food isn’t bad – brunch type food at 130pm but that’s ok. I had the ‘strip loin hash’ .  The views from the restaurant over the beach are fantastic (photo above), even from the gents room !

Views out over the beach and coastline were beautiful. We stood just above the Pacific Coast Highway to take these above.

Finally, I couldn’t help but smile when I saw this on the room service menu at the Beverly Hills Hotel:

Tomorrow we have booked to have the Sunday Brunch at the hotel which’ll be fun.  Then – we are off.  This trip comes to an end.  I will return to England for a few days, then back to Florida in time for Betsy’s birthday.  More to come tomorrow before that though !

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