We had opted for a day out to Whistler.  Got an 1100am pick up, and drove up to Whistler. Just prior to that, we did a high speed job at the adjoining shopping centre, as hotel laundry sort of goofed on our urgent order.

Our driver to Whistler, who was initially very interesting (“93.44% of the indigenous population…..”) got us there in good time, including a stop on the way at a Starbucks (place called Squalmish).

Mr 32.776% dropped us off near the Westin hotel, as you can’t drive into the resort. We then walked into the resort which we both liked.  A bite to eat, then some shopping, walk around.  It was fun.  Managed to buy some general touristy crap, and we were done.  Couple of hours later, and we set off for our return to Vancouver, under the careful driving of Mr “I should have been a Chief Economic Advisor”.

It looked like a fun place.  It struck me as very busy, and I don’t know if we fit with that particular skiing “set”, but we both said if we ever came back, we might like to spend a night and have a little more time there.  I think I’d want to go when there was snow though, not in summer.

Quick bite of Chinese food for dinner (it sort of felt like being in Hong Kong ) and we were ready to turn in.

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