Touring around the Isle of Wight.

I loved that it is manageable in size.  We got to drive quite a big part of the island.

First thing though, a good hearty breakfast at The Leconfield, served by good old Paul the owner.  Betsy had the porridge, good old bacon and eggs for me.

We then set off gently driving through towns and villages, stopping off for photos etc.

Great views here, and you can see the South coast of England in the distance.

Drove on some more, stopping in Freshwater for a walk around.  Kids and youths kayaking down in the bay, oh boy the noise of them all talking ! Pretty bay though, and worth a stop.  We had a coffee and a snack (hadn’t eaten for at least 30 minutes) sitting outside in the sun.

After Freshwater, we headed over to the Needles and Alum Bay.  Betsy got some of the coloured sand whilst we were there.

Purchased some of the obligatory souvenir junk before we headed on around by Colwell Bay.

Its all very nice, but it felt like you had to pay almost EVERYWHERE to park the car.  I honestly thought one of the car parks was going to be named after me because of the money spent ! Take plenty of change with you !

Fish and Chips lunch at the New Inn, again sitting outside which was nice.

On we went up to Carisbrooke castle which was very interesting, particularly as it had been the home of Princess Beatrice (Queen Victoria’s daughter) until the 1940s.  It was also where Charles I was imprisoned and finally beheaded after he had lost the Civil War. I enjoyed it.  Not cheap, at £10 per person entry, but we both enjoyed it and nice to walk around the ground.

After the castle, on then into Shanklin, where we got to drink yet another coffee down by the sea front.  Looks nice, and I’m glad we visited.

Dinner then in Shankln old town (after going back for my money) which is really very cute and quaint, with thatched Cottages almost as far as the eye can see.  Dinner at the Black Cat Thai restaurant which was a nice change.



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