Thursford Christmas Spectacular

Went over to my Dad and Pam’s place, then off to pick up the bus – Dad drove and got us there in world record time. Not sure if his clutch made it as well, but who cares ? 😂😂

Bus took us up to Thursford which isn’t far from Downham Market where they live, but had 2/3 stops along the way to pick up others.  I swear we were two of the youngest people on the bus ! Hilarious !

Arrived in Thursford, and these old barn type buildings had been converted into a pretty good centre where shows are performed, with shops, eating outlets etc.  The place was pretty crowded, but very well decorated, and clean.  The age demographic was, quite frankly, heavily weighted in the +/- 75 years age group.  A sea of white and grey heads was all I could see.

We had a bite to eat, and then moved into the main show area, which was very well decorated, and really nice.

Youre not allowed to take photos during the show of course, so I’m not able to show of my own.  However, hosts some videos of it if you search Thursford Christmas Spectacular 2019.  It really was a very good show, of high quality, with great music and cast.  It’s long at 3 hours (with a 25 minute intermission) but very enjoyable.  I’m told tickets are hard to come by.

Here’s what I found as an example:

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