Third Night on Board

To be honest, it went ok.  Each night did.  Yeah it’s not a King Size with duck/goose down quilt or pillows, but it’s actually not bad.  Today we woke to open the windows, and slowly watch the sun rise.  We were heading westbound of course, so turning clocks back gradually as we progressed.

Some more delays, and particularly overnight it seemed.  We were now running some 27 hours behind schedule – if ever I was glad not to be working, this was the time.  It allowed me to be a bit more chilled about the delays  than I previously might have been.

We enjoyed the early morning view from our bed

The amazing scenery continued. Next ‘worry’ (first world problems) was if we would make it to the Rockies in time. Edmonton was our next stop.  It felt cold, but honestly not as severe as Saskatoon.  Counjoured up Winter Olympics thoughts for me, but I can’t be certain they were ever held there.

Betsy enjoying the scenery, and the culture in Canada.

Later that day, we made it into jasper ! Looks like a great resort, but of course we got there out of synch  later in the evening.

We started our initial entry into the Rockies as night fell.

Jasper looked like it might be fun.

We deferred dinner due to the stop in Jasper.  Finally, we decided to ask if we could have dinner on a table for two.  We got tired of dealing with one particular lady who wouldn’t stop, so this was a better option.  How good it felt !

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