Then we headed home

So, check out from our hotel was a fairly respectable 12 noon.  Gave us chance to have our breakfast (we finally filled in the card in advance), and get settled back in the room to complete packing etc..  Checking out was uneventful (but there is a tourist tax charged in the Greek Islands that you settle in cash on the way out – we DID know about it), and we then waited for a while by the pool with coffee, water, sunshine etc..

I did learn from the delay on the journey on the way out, to check if our flight was on time or not, and sure enough it also was delayed on its arrival, on landing slot restrictions at Santorini airport.  Not too bad, but nevertheless something to be aware of.

Santorini airport is very small, so doesn’t have lots of facilities.  We did sit outside on the external terrace for a while, but then they called our flight to head through to the gate area.  You’d have thought it was a long way, but it sort of had departing passport clearance right by the gate, and that appears to take its time.  We then sat around at the gate waiting (limited seating) and finally boarded.  Uneventful flight, and we finally landed just 5/10 minutes behind the original schedule.  This time the priority baggage system worked, and our bags were quickly off.


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