The Taj Mahal

Delighted we did this now.  We went first in the late afternoon as the sun set (along with about 10,000 of our closest friends), and then got up at 530am the next morning to be there as the sun rose. Coffee in the bar served early to accommodate all the eager individuals who wanted to get here when it opened (gates opened at 630am).

Im glad we did it.  A golf cart took us from the hotel down to the Taj itself (cars are not ordinarily permitted close up to avoid pollution and preserve the structure), and took us back. You have to buy a ticket, but the hotel sells them – sort of a first class ticket that gives you priority access.  When you see the length of the lines queuing (particularly on the Sunday), it’s worth it – each ticket is about £10/$15 but worth the money.

Watched wild monkeys in the town as we waited for our golf-cart back to the hotel this morning. Lots of birds around too.  The gardens were very well kept – to be honest, better than you would have imagined.


Well dressed (as were so many) for the visit.


Made new friends

I bought Betsy some new shoes too

So fewer people when we got up early

We didn’t get the guide (despite how persistent some of them were), and we were fine without. Of course, having got up so early, we went back to our excellent hotel, and took a nap before our drive back to Delhi (another experience  !).

Im glad we went.  It was almost a bucket-list type thing for me, and I’m glad I’ve been.


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