The Grandchildren Visit

With their parents of course !

So, after being back a few days, Jake and Brianna arrived in Palm Harbor with the 4 girls. Late at night and a bit grumpy (well that was just Betsy and I 😊😊), but nice to have all four of them down.

They stayed a few days, and got to do lots of fun stuff in the pool, with lots of swimming progress – although Mia was pretty proficient anyway ! Josie went from a reluctant ‘swimmer’ to a little girl we couldn’t get out of the pool.

We got to celebrate Betsy’s big birthday (a few days early) whilst they were there, with Claire and Linda also able to join us. We had take out food, a Barbie birthday cake for the birthday girl, balloons and lots of other fun stuff.

The pool was of course a big success, but I think the night time swimming with the lights all on was the most fun.

That was a long drive home with four tired little girls in the car 😊😊. They left one bigger one behind, but they’ll just have to pick her up next time 😂😂😂

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