The Big Day – March 13, 2021

So, the day started with a relatively early start. Getting Betsy to the place where Claire and her bridesmaids were staying, where they did……..whatever they did 😊.

Later I got to join them along with Jake, but it was all hair and make up stuff ! We later got changed so we could be driven up to the ‘special spot’ at the venue, where we were to get a first look at Claire’s dress. Having then been driven into the wilds of nowhere, it seemed that not everyone at the resort got the memo, so we were driven back, and Claire smartly chose to do the big reveal somewhere more convenient.

Then, after the excitement (Claire had bought a different wedding dress from the one we had initially been told), back we went for a while.

I managed to get a few snaps of the place before the service began.

The whole day went very well, no hitches at all. Of course, it’s more limited with how many photos you can snap yourself when the ceremony and formalities are all in full swing, but of course there are a whole bunch of professional taken photos of that. But I CAN say that Betsy’s hat was a resounding success 😂😂😂 (along with her outfit of course).

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