Taupo to Auckland

Took a nice breakfast at Huka Lodge before we left.  Whilst we were having breakfast (we sat inside this time), they had brought our car around and loaded our luggage. Nice – saved me getting Betsy to do it I suppose 😂😂😂😂

We then set off for Auckland, but first one more visit to the Huka Falls on our way.  It was a little earlier than before, so hence not quite so busy.

Betsy fact checking they got it right

We then set off for Auckland, and Betsy drove which was nice for both of us. We stopped for lunch along the way.  Scenery was nice, but not really like the South Island – lots of corn growing.

We got to our hotel mid-afternoon – we are staying at the Sofitel near the Harbour. Nice place.  I then finally took the rental car back, and fortunately it was close, as the rain had started.

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