Tampa Big Cat Sanctuary

Linda and Gregg came to stay with us before we headed to the rescue sanctuary.

Next morning, we headed down to the Big Cat Rescue sanctuary.  They rescue big cats from sad or bad situations to ensure they get to live the rest of their lives in better and happier situations. Yes there are cages, but many of these animals were either chained up on concrete floors, or in domestic apartments, criminal gangs and similar.  These cages give them plenty of space to move around as there are several sections, plus the cats get to move to huge open areas a couple of times a year.  Staffed by volunteers, they do a fantastic job in my view.  The US laws are part of the issue here, allowing these animals to be kept in small spaces – our guide Denny also informed us there are more tigers in captivity in the US than there are in the wild.

They have rescued all sorts, and were preparing for more.  It really was a good day, and I enjoyed it.  The devotion of these volunteers is really heartwarming – maybe the world isn’t such a mean place after all.  Worth a visit if you’re ever in Tampa.

This leopard rolled over on her back and played when she heard Denny’s voice.

This big guy came out when he heard Dennys voice.

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