Santorini – Still More

Next day after a relaxing breakfast, we went off again in the car.  Nothing too much, but headed towards the lighthouse near a peninsular where our hotel is located.  Beautiful scenery again.  We got side tracked at an area called Red Rock or similar, and drove down a winding zig-zag track to a bar restaurant right on the beach/waters edge.  Had a simple sandwich lunch down there, sitting on beach loungers.  We enjoyed watching tour boats arriving and departing down there.

Its really interesting seeing so many ‘buildings’ that have been constructed in the cliff faces. They can be made out in the photo above.

Lots of tiny churches everywhere you go.

We ended up finally back at the hotel, and had dinner in the hotel restaurant, which has very good quality food.  There was a singer in there who to be fair, wasn’t too bad (Billy Brown from South Miami he kept telling us – Billy was feeling no pain by the time we left). He sung easy listening type things, but seemed particularly fond of Johnny Cash !

The walk back to the room through the hotel tunnels and caves is interesting.

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