Santorini Boat Tour

Took a great boat tour for the day.  Drove up the eastern side of the island to a little port where we took the boat from.  It was a great day, and everything worked very well.

Our driver took us to Oia and ‘negotiated’ his way through the traffic down to the port.  A short wait, and then we headed off on a launch to join our boat for the day.

Just ‘love’ this photo of me looking like a line backer from the Pittsburgh Steelers or something. #startdietsoon


It really is a cute little port, with lots of little eateries down there.  Given chance, I think it would be fun to go down there and have a meal on the waters edge, and watch the world go by.

All aboard our boat, and they took us off touring through the islands.  The weather had become a little windy, so it was better to stay inside the islands (the Caldera).  It was fascinating.  Buildings up high on the cliffs, boat houses built into the cliffs, tavernas at waters edge, cruise ships in the port, just so much to see.

Tiny little church on these rocks !

Its obviously bad weather as the photos show (😳😳) but we really enjoyed it.  The crew were great, and the captain was very informative.

We parked up near some hot springs, and watched the tour boats arrive. This one above listing to the left as everyone wanted a view, or to jump in !

We parked up once or twice, and it was just amazing the peace and quiet.  Then we also had lunch which was great.

Plenty of fish, shrimp, Greek salad etc.  very nice.

Saying our goodbyes.

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