Out and about in Bali

We had a good day out today, getting picked up at 830am (surprising how offended we were by that time, it’s funny 💤💤💤💤). Went through Denpasar to Sanur, then Ubud and Mas.

Saw the Monkey Forest where you get to wander around the wild monkeys; went to Ubud where we saw them preparing for a cremation at the Royal Palace – looked like it was going to be a massive event; through to some of the rice paddy fields, and a bit of shopping in Mas where we watched woodcarving, and bought a few minor pieces.

Massive Banyan tree in the monkey forest
Getting ready for an elaborate funeral

Anything (and everything) can get on a bike.

Amazing attention to detail, and handed down over generations.

So, it’s 30 years since I was in Bali last.  It is probably a little more ‘tourist easy’ than when I was here last, but my goodness how the traffic has changed.  I’m glad we made this stop though.  We have a few more days to go, so plenty to enjoy.

Note: the photos of us don’t really do justice to how hot it was today.  I must have lost 30lbs.

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