A late start for us on the first morning, as we were fairly late getting in the night before.  We started with a coffee and croissant in the hotel, in the bar/meeting area.  It’s well placed and has giant picture windows that look out onto the street.  Gave us a chance to indulge in one of our favourite pastimes of people watching !

The hotel really is very nice.  Friendly staff, very helpful, and REALLY well placed.

We took a walk out, and just down the road was a Christmas (“Jul”) market.  We spent some time looking around, and even bought a few things for Christmas.

Shame it was a bit damp out, but after our pretty slow start to the day, we weren’t too concerned.

The Christmas market was fun.  Lots of what I can only describe as “very Norwegian “ things on sale, as well as more traditional Christmas things.  All looked very good quality, rather than some of the junk I’ve seen in the past.  We did also smile at some of the kids whose eyes were on stalks at the sight of all the Christmas paraphernalia that was around.

Bite to eat at that typical Norwegian style restaurant (Hard Rock Cafe ! ) before we finally retired.

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