One week left in Florida now


Been a few days since the last update, but lots going on and been busy – we drove back from Birmingham, Alabama last Thursday with a car full of our belongings from the house.  I think it took us both by surprise quite how much there was there.  Seems we will likely need to make a further trip up there when we are back in April.

Drive back was long (it says 613 miles on google ), but interesting.  Long was sort of self-inflicted to be honest, as I like to stop along the way.  But interesting to see different parts of the country as always as we drive down through Alabama, passing through, Montgomery, Troy, Dothan, Cottondale, Marianna and then Tallahassee in Florida.  Oh and the usual 348 bathroom stops for Betsy 🙂

Lots of seemingly mundane stuff in the meantime, but we did go over for lunch to a new little place we found in Dunedin not far away, called Frenchy’s Outpost. Worth a peek:

Casual, nice food – we had the crab soup then a mixed seafood platter.  Nothing fancy, but when it’s warmer, it’d be a great place for sitting outside.  We should go back – it’s close to the causeway to Honeymoon Island that we should explore sometime. Check out the fish-shaped pretzel !!!

I so wish I knew where the time had all gone.  We’ve been here in Florida one month already, and it’s two weeks tomorrow that we leave on our big trip.  I didn’t feel we had been quite so busy, but I guess so. Weather has mostly been nice.  I’ve found myself complaining when it drops below about 70f/21c (which it has a few times) but I shouldn’t complain – today has just been another one of those clear blue skies days.  But the pool is warm and that’s what I care about !! 🙂

We are now making our arrangements as to looking after the house in Florida whilst we are away; Betsy making her doctor visit to get medicine whilst we are away; I’m getting further travel arrangements made; Jim who looks after our place in our absence will be over tomorrow. I don’t know if I’ve ever been away for this length of time, but I don’t know why it should be different to any other.  However, news is always interesting, what with a volatile volcano in Bali, earthquakes in New Zealand, sea plane crashes in Sydney – all places we will be during our trip.



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