Off we go – Feb 10th

So, late, but ok, off we went, checking out of the Shangri-La hotel for a quick transfer to the Union Station in Toronto – sits under the view of Toronto’s famous CN Tower.

Checked in at the lounge, with a very friendly guy called Dan, who would look after us on the train as far as Winnipeg.  For a railway station, it was a pretty decent waiting area.

Dan then arranged for our luggage to be taken, then walked us down to the train. We were towards the rear of the train – 301 car, room D.  Nice room.

Despite the delay, we were off fairly promptly at 900am.

Not much to see leaving Toronto in all honesty, but fairly soon, (and we were warned about this) we got to experience the delay when we wanted to use the track a freight train was on.  Second priority for passenger traffic !

Decent lunch on board shortly after we had settled in.  We liked our room, which was larger than our Australian train room.

We settled in, had a look in the “dome” (the seating car that is on an upper deck, with a glass roof) and enjoyed our room, with the start of some of the views we would get to enjoy.

Later in the day, we arrived at our first stop of the trip in a small town of Capriol.   Even though the stop was short, it was fun to wrap up warm, get off and walk about in the snow.

Later, dinner on the train.  Again, fairly decent food.  We shared tables of four mostly, but don’t ask me who we sat with, as I can’t remember 😊😊

Got back to the room, and our bed was nicely made up. Nice.

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