Off to Santorini

We got an early pick up to head to Heathrow for our flight to Santorini.  It was early, because you frankly just don’t know how the traffic will be around London’s M25.  Of course, as we got up early, we didn’t need the time, and got to Terminal 5 pretty early (745am for a 1015am flight).  British Airways flies out there on a daily service in the summer.  Easyjet also flies out from Gatwick, but although some days there are 2 flights, some days there are none, so we ended up with British Airways which was fine.

Saw Matt Lucas of TV comedy fame as we went through security, then off for breakfast.  Nice.  We boarded but pilot advised of Santorini landing slot restrictions, so we had to wait 45/50 minutes on a remote stand.  No damage done, and off we went.

Although they appear to be rebuilding Santorini airport, we got through passports fairly quickly, but  luggage delivery seemed to take a long time for an airport of its size.  However, with no jetway to the aircraft, there are a lot of steps at the airport, so I was sort of glad we hadn’t checked in.  It was starting to get warm in the terminal area as we waited for bags, but eventually they made it (“Priority” baggage tagging at its finest).

Our transfer was waiting there for us, and we were quickly on our way to our hotel.  We are staying at the Aegean Ambassador Hotel if you want to google it ?

Nice welcome, fairly quick check in, and off to our room.  The hotel is built into the side of cliffs, so firstly it is steep everywhere (we knew in advance). But it’s also caves.  Each room is a cave in the cliffs.  It’s fascinating, and I hope to get some shots of the insides that do it justice.

We arrived early evening at the hotel, so after initially settling in, headed to the hotel restaurant for dinner, and to watch the sunset.  Great food, great table, nice service and a great sunset.

Lots of whitewashed buildings everywhere.

Lava chocolate dessert in the nice hotel restaurant.


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