Off to Sanibel Again

As our return to England started to draw closer, we decided to take another trip down to Sanibel Island. We had thought about the Florida Keys, but at around 6 hours driving to The Keys, we decided Sanibel might be a better option, at just under 3 hours instead.

So, we made a nice early (for us) start at about 700am, and headed down there. We elected to stay at Sanibel Moorings again, and got down there being able to go straight into our room as expected. Checked in, then headed out for an early lunch – went to Gramma Dot’s where we had not been before. Nice place, right down by the water (sort of one of the internal canals they have on Sanibel).

I think Betsy had a scallop dish, but I know I had the Swordfish in Parmesan. Very good food, quickly prepared, and it’s nice to sit outside a) because that’s still a novelty for me in the month of December, and b) we favour sitting outside if we can during these COVID times. Weather really helped too !

Next, we headed off further up the island for a visit to Bailey’s General Store- a good old fashioned ‘supermarket-come-hardware store-come post office’ type of place. Got some general ‘provisions’ and eased our way back to Sanibel Moorings. Did some writing of Christmas cards etc., then took a nice stroll down to the beach to watch the sun slowly going down.

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