Off to Norway

The day for us started unhealthily early at about 5am with a wake up call ! Our flight was 825am out of Gatwick and, by the time you factor in check in times, morning traffic (although it was Saturday, there are lots of roadworks around Gatwick), plus we decided to park the car there !

We of course had to fly Norwegian into Norway ! We were heading to Bergen as our first stop, and if we can miss Heathrow out for some of these short flights, then so much the better.

Anyway, we got to Gatwick in good time, parked the car just fine and went to check in our baggage (I had already checked us in on line).  Interesting process which cut down on any human interaction, by which you enter your details in the terminal, print your own luggage labels, fix them to your bag, put your bag on the belt, scan it, and off it goes ! I have no idea what you do if something goes wrong, but it didn’t for us, so it was all fine.

Breakfast in the Gatwick south terminal 💷💷💷💷💷💷💷💷💷💷💷💷 and off we went to our gate.  Plane was clean, boarding seemed somewhat organised, and we actually left on time.

Landed on time in Bergen, got our luggage fairly quickly, and were taken to our hotel.  As we were pretty early, the room wasn’t ready, but a friendly receptionist assured us it wouldn’t be long.  We elected to stay at the  Bergen Clarion Collection Havnekontoret hotel, which was well located looking out over the harbour.  We decided not to stress too much about getting in our room, parked our luggage, and headed out for lunch.

Nice walk along the front, little bit of shopping, then found a place for lunch.  Nothing fancy, but everyone was very nice. Egon was the name of the place.

It’s certainly a nice little town, helped as always (in my mind) by being right on the water.


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