November 2021

We had already sort of planned to go back to the US for Thanksgiving, but unfortunately Betsy lost her mother late in October, so we firmed that up.

We flew directly into Tampa from London, which was the first time in a long time due to Covid shutting down airports and routes. So, it was sort of good to be back there I suppose.

We had Thanksgiving at Claire and Matthew’s, which was good. Just drove up and back in the same day. Strangely enough, we didn’t take photos 🤷‍♂️.

We went to Alabama a couple of times, to see Jeanie, Jake and Brianna, and visit the gravesite, as well as for the actual service itself. No photos being posted for that.

We did get a couple of shots of grandchildren in their cooking hats, plus a nice sunset near the kennels where the dogs go.

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