Next day on the Train

Had a somewhat ok nights sleep on the train.  First shower as a real experience.  One of those showers where you push the button and the water comes on for a fixed period of time.  But to be fair, all things considered, it wasn’t too bad.  Tiny sink (wash one hand at a time 😊), but it was ok.

First stop was in a place called Armstrong. Beautiful scenery along the way, frozen lakes, rivers, lots of snow.  Beautiful.  Made me glad we did it.

Put the maid to work !

She’s ok.  Got a lot to learn, but ok.

Interesting that Armstrong was ultimately named after a guy who was active building the railroads, and died on the fatal sailing of the Titanic.

Again, decent lunch, decent dinner.  We didn’t make breakfast at this point, but enjoyed some coffee and a chat in the lounge area right at the back of the train.

It got colder 😎😎

Betsy and her new railway buddies !

Amazing scenes along the way.  Started to see more and more snowmobiles which would seem to be a smart way of transport.  In terms of housing, we saw several, but kept thinking “is it a summer home, or does someone live there?”  I think it was 50:50. Amazing where folks had to live !


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